"Back then, "courage" was defined as doing something brave, something bold, and probably mischeivious. "cowardice" was defined as backing out of a dare or bet, being smart and not doing somehting that looks dumb and dangerous, and not wanting to follow a bet or dare that will get you into trouble."

"When I was little I always thought of a lion when I thought of courage. I thought of a lion because they are big and brave and can conquer almost anything. Now when I think of courage I think of the soldiers over seas fighting for our country. They're doing something where they know they can die and is hard to face but they are still doing it for their country."

"When I was 7, it was hard to grasp the fact that the movie was fake & those events could not occur in real life. I really did not have anyone in my neighborhood that was scary, because my neighborhood is small, and mostly full of nice grandparents. Being alone in a room with a T.V. was a big hurdle that I had to get over. For me, that was touching Boo's house. "

"To me, courage means getting over your fears and doing something fun instead of sitting out. To me, cowardice means always sitting out when you think something bad could happen and looking at the negative things about doing something rather than the positive like how fun it could be."

"I'm sure at the time I didn't know exactly what courage and cowardice meant but at the time I probably would have associated
courage with people who are big, strong and aren't afraid of anything. And cowardice, possibly anyone who would just run and hide any time danger reared it's ugly head."

" My definition of courage as a child was if you didn't defend yourself such as a bully to make them stop bothering you, that was courage because anyone who can do that was fearless. How I defined cowardice as a child was when if I lied, cheat, or steal anything and I couldn't bring myself to face the consquences to the teacher or my parents, then i was called a coward because I wasn't true to myself and everyone around me."

"Courage is often standing up for what you believe in even when others do not agree with you. Cowardice is being afraid and not being able to take a chance."